Message from the President
  Future planning
Welcome to Hebei Jinyi Fiber Co., Ltd.!
    Jin Yi is a progressive and rapidly growing company. The company's goal is the constant pursuit of perfection and development of the brand, to provide the best products and services to the community, on the basis of the steady development of diversified development, and strive to become the leader in the industry.
    So here, excellent staff is our most valuable asset, we hope to enter each the Jinyi employees can be a high sense of responsibility, strive to support the company's development, the company will strive to provide you with excellent and relaxed environment development opportunities, so that your wisdom and able to enjoy the play, to believe every minute of your efforts to get recognition and rewards!
        We sincerely hope that you as soon as possible into the corporate culture and shared company values??, proactive, effective communication, sincere cooperation with colleagues in their own posts, mutual encouragement and constant innovation. We hope that you shared commitment to meet the challenge, and to unite our strength to grow our company, enhance our competitive strength.
    Finally, I wish your personal value to be fully reflected in enterprise development and affirmation!
    I wish you happy working here!
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