Message from the President
  Future planning
Over the past few years, the company continued to introduce new equipment, high-quality fiber production of high strength and low stretch once available will be extended a warm welcome by the users, product demand and exported overseas. Quality, integrity management, for enterprises to win a good reputation and word of mouth, companies have been rated as the most challenging potential hundred private enterprises "," Hebei Province quality trustworthy product "," Shijiazhuang City, the contract and keeping promises units "," Shijiazhuang City, environmental integrity enterprises "a number of honors, the company chairman was named" China's first green heroes character ".
    Relying on the state on the strong support of the private economy, in just a few years time. From the "Golden Eagle" to the "Golden Courtyard", from 06,000 tons to 110,000 tons of annual output of chemical fiber, we achieved 20 times the pace of development, has made significant economic benefits and social benefits.
    Looking ahead, we have enough confidence to seize the new opportunities to meet new challenges, adoption of advanced technologies and management innovation to enable enterprises to more robust and rapid development.
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